Excerpt from Intergalactic Mind Games – Chapter 1

Hello everyone! hope you enjoy this excerpt from chapter 1 of Intergalactic Mind Games:

Seven bodies lay on the ground motionless.
      The body of a man starts to move.
      “Oh, wow, what a headache,” the man mumbles before looking at his surroundings with bewildered ocean blue eyes.
       A pungent odour fills the air as the man finds himself surrounded in darkness.
       Where am I? he wonders as he uses his hand to comb his long blond hair away from his face. His hair, typically tied up in a ponytail, has unravelled, and he is not sure why or how that happened.
       As he slowly gets to his feet, he stumbles and falls against a wall. He shakes his head, trying to regain his composure, and through the darkness, he sees a light switch. The man hits the switch, turning several bright fluorescent lights on, which temporarily blind him. Once his eyes adjust, he looks straight ahead and sees a white wall with five dark grey metal doors.
       The man creeps over to the doors and slowly turns the lever to open them one by one. Each door leads to a small white room containing two single beds with white pillows and sheets. A white curtain hangs in front of what looks to be a small storage closet in each room. However, the last door leads to a small white bathroom that contains a white toilet, sink, and stand-up shower with a matching white shower curtain.
      Confused by what he sees, the man turns around and realizes there are no windows. He then looks down and sees six bodies lying on the charcoal concrete floor.
      He looks forward and sees a stainless-steel triangular door horizontally laced with black bars. Outside the door, the man sees a tall, slim individual standing with their back toward it.
     He walks toward the door while looking down at the bodies beneath him.
      “Hey, you! Where am I?” the man shouts in a deep voice at the figure standing on the other side.
      Turning around, the figure looks at the man. To his disbelief, the figure looks non-human. In fact, it does not have a face at all.

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