Excerpt from Intergalactic Mind Games – Chapter 2


Hello everyone! hope you enjoy this excerpt from Chapter 2 of Intergalactic Mind Games:

The soldier exits the lift and pushes the giant doors open, giving
Team Earth-7 their first glimpse of what royal life looks like on Syvopia.
The fifth floor is regal and breathtaking unlike the dingy basement. A
beautiful, thick, luxurious red carpet with gold trim covers the entire floor. Thin stark moulding runs along the wall dividing the top and bottom. The bottom of the wall is walnut brown with triangle-shaped panels protruding from it, and the top half is a solid majestic purple.

Beautiful portraits and paintings cover the walls, and small statues
of people unknown to Team Earth-7 sit on short podiums and line the
middle of the corridor. Radiant mini chandeliers brighten the spacious
corridor as they hang from the fourteen-foot-high ceiling.

Team Earth-7 follows the soldier through tall doors and into an
enormous room that resembles a dining banquet—the great hall of the
palace. There, they see several round copper tables covered with fancy
gold tablecloths scattered throughout the hall. The ceiling is a wonderous fifty-six feet high with symbols, faces, and magnificent designs painted on it. The great hall is the only room in the palace that does not have any other floors above it. The walls are a sandy beige, and the shiny porcelain tile floor is reddish brown in colour.

The room itself is a gigantic one hundred and fifty feet in length and fifty feet wide. There are slender white square pillars every ten feet connected to arches adjacent to the ceiling. The sandy beige arches bridge the pillars from one wall to the opposite wall.

The back of the room is covered by gaudy gold drapes that conceal
a giant triangular-shaped window behind it. Long rectangle tables with
gold doily tablecloths are set up in front of the draped window. On top of those tables sit several chafing dishes containing various types of food. A feast is awaiting Team Earth-7. Unfortunately for them, however, the food is both unfamiliar and unappetizing.

“This is alien food,” Ace says as he picks up a square plate that looks to be made of petrified wood and slops something yellow and chunky onto it. The soldier tells them the food is vegetarian since earthlings cannot digest the meat Syvopians eat and reminds them to eat up, as they will need their strength.

As Team Earth-7 sits down for their meal, another team enters the
great hall.