Book Dedication


For Hari Singh, my father, mentor, and leader.
Dad, you always encouraged me to think big, follow through, and
push forward. Whenever I found writing was getting too difficult or
thought about giving up altogether, I would hear your inspiring words
circulate in my head. This motivated me to push on and accomplish my
This book would not have been possible without your influence.
Thank you, Dad. I love you. Rest in peace.

For Rick Prasad, my supportive and caring brother-in-law.
Rick, you were always patient and understanding with me. I appreciated
your calm and supportive nature.
Your laid-back, gentle demeanour influenced me to be the same. You
were more than my brother-in-law; you were my big brother. Thank you,
Rick. Rest peacefully, my brother. I love you.

For Shantel Prasad, my sweet, innocent, and brave niece.
Shantel, you were more like my little sister than my niece. Your
infectious smile and outgoing nature would light up any room you entered.
You left us too early, but I feel blessed with the time we had together.
You taught me to slow down and enjoy the moments life brings. Thank
you, Shantel. R.I.P., my sweet Shanny. I love you and miss you.


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