Excerpt from Intergalactic Mind Games- Chapter 5

Hello everyone! hope you enjoy this excerpt from Chapter 5 of Intergalactic Mind Games:

Praagan quickly walks up to Dean in a huff, pressing his nose against
Dean’s. The intensity grows stronger as they press their foreheads against one another, knowing they are at a boiling point; the culmination of their short yet vicious rivalry is at hand. One will live on aspiring, believing, and expecting to go home, while the other will live out his days in despair in the Corpse Jungle.
Praagan mockingly says, “Just give it up now. Save yourself the
embarrassment of getting beat up in front of your team.”
An infuriated Dean wants nothing more than to apply all sorts of
wrestling submission holds on Praagan but cannot due to the stipulation.
Instead, all he can do is shove Praagan away.
Praagan jolts back a couple of steps. With a look of contempt, he
conjures up a throat full of phlegm and spits in Dean’s face.
Anderson, Darm, and Billy Bob rise, fearing Dean will let his anger
get the best of him while Isabella buries her head in Ace’s chest and Elmer covers his eyes in fear.
“Don’t let him get to you, Dean! Stay composed!” Anderson hollers
from the sidelines.
“Come on, Earth-freak! Give me all you got!” Praagan yells with a
smug grin as Dean wipes saliva off his face in disgust.
Praagan taunts Dean further by turning his back on him and bends
forward. “Come on, Dean! Kick it or kiss it!” Praagan provokes, shaking
his butt in Dean’s direction, hoping Dean loses his temper and forgets the rules.
Dean clenches his fists, grinds his teeth, and looks on in hostility but
does not let his anger get the better of him.
Praagan stands straight up and turns to face Dean. He realizes that
no matter what he does, Dean will not fall for his tricks. Praagan, looking more serious, takes a deep breath as he approaches Dean. The two men lock eyes as the tension hits its peak.

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