Excerpt from Intergalactic Mind Games – Chapter 7

Hello everyone! hope you enjoy this excerpt from Chapter 7 of Intergalactic Mind Games:

Duke Reion enters the stadium and walks directly toward his father
with news of Team Earth-7’s replacement. He does not acknowledge Goat but instead leans over his great-uncle to whisper the substitution into his father’s ear. Goat tries desperately to listen in but is unable to hear anything but light muttering.
As Duke Reion backs away, Emperor Pryme looks over at Goat in
amusement. “Like you, I too am looking forward to this challenge,” the
emperor says with a smirk.
While the duke exits the venue, the Soldiers of Royalty escort Bundo
into the stadium.
Bundo peers into the audience, searching for Goat and spots him. Goat
also sees Bundo, and the two of them share a smug look, giving a mutual nod of acknowledgment to one another.
Emperor Pryme, who sees the exchange, rises to his feet.
“It has recently been brought to my attention that there was an injury
to Team Earth-7’s captain, and he will not be able to compete at this time,” the emperor announces in disappointment.
Bundo raises his arms in celebration while Goat stands and applauds,
believing they are victorious by forfeit.
“However,” Emperor Pryme continues with delight, “given the
circumstances of the injury, Team Earth-7 has been given permission to name a substitute.”
Bundo and Goat share a look of concern after hearing the emperor’s
ruling as the two soldiers escorting Darm arrive in the stadium. Bundo
starts pounding his chest with his fists. He then paces back and forth,
growling like an animal, ready to pounce. Bundo works himself into a
frenzy before power walking toward the Soldiers of Royalty with a desire to maim and mutilate the man behind them. He peers past the soldiers and sees Darm enter the stadium.