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Excerpt from Intergalactic Mind Games- Chapter 4

Hello everyone! hope you enjoy this excerpt from Chapter 4 of Intergalactic Mind Games:

“You are all aware of the high stakes,” the emperor says. “Therefore,
let me announce the challenge that awaits you. Six members of Team
Naysernea-6 and six members of Team Earth-7 will face one another in a tug-of-war challenge.”
Emperor Pryme nods at the soldiers on the field. A few of them quickly
go into a caged-off area of the stadium where a sign hangs above featuring different symbols. The symbols translate to Pryme’s Pit, and this is where the Soldiers of Royalty go to retrieve a large crate on wheels.
Many challenges and battles involve beasts from the Corpse Jungle.
These monsters and creatures are kept in Pryme’s Pit until they are needed.
They roll the crate into the middle of the stadium as the emperor
continues to explain, “However, this tug-of-war does not involve a rope or chain; it involves something far more intriguing.”
“Release the two-headed serpent!” an enthralled Emperor Pryme
Both teams watch in awe as the perturbed serpent is released onto the
Back in the cell, Isabella covers her eyes in horror, watching on the
vision screen. She feels nauseated and light-headed with the thought of what might happen to Ace and the others.
The serpent resembles a snake but has a head on each side of its body.
It has white scales, a pink and rough underbelly, and menacing forked
tongues. The serpent is ninety feet long and six feet high, with small
protective dark grey plates along its back that go from one neck to the
other. The heads and mouths are large enough for the serpent to engulf and devour a large animal in a single gulp.
“You must subdue the serpent and drag its entire body to your team’s
side of the line,” Emperor Pryme says before ending with a genuine, “Good luck to you all.”
A line magically appears in the middle of the stadium floor, dividing
the two teams. The serpent is positioned in the middle of the battlefield.
One head charges toward Team Earth-7 while the other tries to pounce
on Team Naysernea-6.
While Team Earth-7 tries their best to dodge the striking serpent,
Team Naysernea-6 decides to go on the offence and attack it.
“Everyone, surround the head, and when I say go, we strike!” Praagan
Team Naysernea-6 breaks their gel packs, triggering the green gooey
substance to ooze through the tubing, creating an indestructible suit.
They surround the serpent, but the serpent’s instincts warn an ambush is coming. The serpent pulls back and quickly blitzes Team Naysernea-6 by sweeping its head with momentum from left to right, knocking down the entire team. As the serpent stops to admire its handiwork, it finds itself being kicked from underneath. Motter, while on his back, kicks with all his might.
As the serpent backs up, Motter quickly gets to his feet. He looks
at the serpent with loathing eyes, wiping blood off the side of his head.
Motter reaches into his shoe and pulls out a small object wrapped in a
cloth. It is nothing more than a wooden spoon he swiped from the great hall; however, the end of the spoon has been sharpened.
“I’ve beaten bigger brutes than you,” Motter warns. “If I’m going
down, I’m taking you with me!”
Motter and the serpent lock eyes. Motter then starts running toward
the serpent. The rest of Team Naysernea-6 tell him to stop, but it is too
late. The serpent lunges toward Motter. As the serpent thrusts forward,
Motter jumps as high as he can with arms locked, ready to stab the serpent between the eyes.

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Excerpt from Intergalactic Mind Games – Chapter 3

Hello everyone! hope you enjoy this excerpt from Chapter 3 of Intergalactic Mind Games:

After a few minutes, the Soldier of Royalty gathers everyone from their
rooms. As they all start to walk out of the cell, the soldier stops Isabella.

“I have orders to take everyone to the battlefield but you. You will stay
here and watch the battle on the vision screen,” he says to her.

“No, I will not stay here! I will be by my husband’s side!” demands an
irate Isabella, pushing the soldier away.

Ace takes Isabella by the hand and tries to comfort her. “Please, for
me, listen to him and stay here. If something happens to you, I wouldn’t
be able to live with myself.”

“How am I supposed to live with myself if something happens to you?”
Isabella counters with sorrowful tear-filled eyes.

Ace gives Isabella a kiss as they both break down in tears.

The rest of Team Earth-7 looks on in sadness as they exit the cell.

Isabella watches Ace leave as the cell door closes behind him.

She falls to the ground, crying uncontrollably, while Ace’s lip quivers,
trying to hide his emotions.

Ace blows her a kiss with tears running down his cheeks as Team
Earth-7 walks out of sight from Isabella, preparing to enter the battlefield.

The remaining members of Team Earth-7 are taken down the same
hallway toward the up-down lift. However, once they get to the lift, they
take a sharp left and go down a separate long dreary hallway.

“Where we all headed?” Elmer asks.

“This hallway will take us straight to the battlefield,” the soldier

After a few minutes, Team Earth-7 and the soldier come to a standard size, brown triangular door. Bright light seeps through the door crack, and they hear voices and commotion on the other side. Team Earth-7 is collectively petrified as the Soldier of Royalty opens the door.

Book Dedication


For Hari Singh, my father, mentor, and leader.
Dad, you always encouraged me to think big, follow through, and
push forward. Whenever I found writing was getting too difficult or
thought about giving up altogether, I would hear your inspiring words
circulate in my head. This motivated me to push on and accomplish my
This book would not have been possible without your influence.
Thank you, Dad. I love you. Rest in peace.

For Rick Prasad, my supportive and caring brother-in-law.
Rick, you were always patient and understanding with me. I appreciated
your calm and supportive nature.
Your laid-back, gentle demeanour influenced me to be the same. You
were more than my brother-in-law; you were my big brother. Thank you,
Rick. Rest peacefully, my brother. I love you.

For Shantel Prasad, my sweet, innocent, and brave niece.
Shantel, you were more like my little sister than my niece. Your
infectious smile and outgoing nature would light up any room you entered.
You left us too early, but I feel blessed with the time we had together.
You taught me to slow down and enjoy the moments life brings. Thank
you, Shantel. R.I.P., my sweet Shanny. I love you and miss you.